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Tagbo’s Death: Davido’s men confess
The last has not been heard of the controversy surrounding the death of Tagbo Umeike, friend to Nigerian pop star David Adeleke, popularly called Davido, as the other suspects who were detained by the police have given an insight into what actually happened the night Tagbo died.

Reports credited to the Lagos State Police Command had revealed that Tagbo had a night of heavy drinking and allegedly consumed about 40 shots of Tequila, a strong alcoholic beverage.  He was alleged to be in the company of his friends, including Davido, before his body was abandoned at Lagos Island General Hospital in the early hours of October 3.

The news of his death was made known to the public following the outcry of Umeike’s ex-girlfriend, Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma, who accused Davido of abandoning his friend. That outburst led to the arrest and interrogation of Davido and three other suspects by the police.  While the other three suspects are still being detained in police custody, Davido was released unconditionally.

According to a police source, there was no need to detain Davido as all the evidence gathered in the cause of interrogation and investigation exonerated him.

“Tagbo is an adult and was not forced to consume that quantity of alcohol that is dangerous to his health. He had nothing to do with his death, rather an investigation revealed that he was even more concerned about the safety of the deceased while he was still alive”, the source stated, pointing to a dead end in efforts to bring charges against the music star over the controversial death of his friend.
Why we dumped Tagbo’s body

Meanwhile, some of the suspects who were detained after interrogation at the Police State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti have told the police that they dumped Tagbo’s body and fled the hospital when the doctor on duty confirmed that he was dead for fear of being treated as suspects.
Some of the suspects who are in custody are Davido’s police security detail, Tunde Yussuf, as well as his friends Busari Idris and Agbeja Olaoye all of who completely exonerated Davido.
According to Yussuf, who is a spy policeman, he was posted to work for Davido as part of his security details.  He said that on the day of the unfortunate incident, they had gone to a party with the pop star at a club known as Shasha Room where they met Tagbo already drunk.
After spending some time, they moved to Oniru beach where Fuji music star Wasiu Ayinde was to perform at a birthday party that night.
According to him, they expected Tagbo to go home since he was already drunk but was surprised that he followed them to that place too.  Moments later, one of Davido’s boys informed them that Tagbo was not okay.
He said Davido then requested that they should take one of his Hilux vehicles and follow those taking Tagbo to the hospital. As soon as they got there, the boys who took Tagbo to the hospital rushed in to call the police. “He was still in the car when the doctor came out and checked him and then said that he is dead. Moments later, the boys came out and told me that it was time to get out of the hospital.”
The second suspect Olaoye who was in the car with Tagbo before he died told the police that he fled when the doctor confirmed him dead to avoid being treated as his killer.
According to him, Tagbo was at the party long before Davido arrived and there was so many free drinks. “He demanded a drink known as tequila and probably to show that he can consume a lot and still stay sane, took several shots of the drink.
As at the time Davido wanted to leave the party for another one, Tagbo was already drunk and violent. Davido who was concerned about his plight offered to carry him in his car but was advised against it because he was drunk and misbehaving. They advised him to go home but he insisted that he was going to the beach party with them. He then joined their car which was part of the convoy. It was while they were there that he started screaming and gasping for breath.”
At that point, he said they contacted Davido through the boys who were around him and they were told that Davido asked that he should be taken to the hospital immediately. On their way, he also noticed that one of Davido’s security men followed them to the hospital.
Olaoye insists that Tagbo was still breathing when they arrived at the hospital. They ran into the hospital requesting that there was an emergency, unfortunately, by the time the doctor arrived, Tagbo had died.
They were then asked to fill a form to enable the hospital to prepare his death certificate. They were able to get his international passport to get his correct name and age.

“The doctor then said that people in-charge of such case were coming and that we should wait and meet them before the corpse can be kept in the mortuary.”

Olaoye knew that they were referring to the police, so they all decided to run away from the hospital. They quickly jumped into the Hillux driven by Davido’s security detail and left the hospital. They also tried calling Davido to let him know the outcome of their trip to the hospital but his phones were switched off. Every one of them retired to their various houses with the hope that by the next day they would help trace Tagbo’s family members.

Insisting that they are all innocent, Olaoye told the police that they ran away that night because in Nigeria, “even if it is clear that you had nothing to do with the death of someone, as long as you were at the scene, they will lock you up and accuse you of murder.”

Busari Idris who was also in the car on the day of the unfortunate incident also confirmed Olaoye’s statement. He said that they only knew his details from the international passport found in his wallet.

According to him, Tagbo was gasping for breath and screaming that his stomach was burning. He said they had no choice but to rush him to the hospital, adding that he was still breathing when they got to the hospital but lost him before the doctor could come to check him that night which was around 3am the next day.

“When the doctor said that we have to wait for the police, we knew the implication, that was why we fled the scene.”

What Davido told the police

In a short statement at the police station, Davido said he knew Tagbo just like the other boys hanging around him. According to him, he was invited to attend the birthday party of a friend whom he identified as Adelewe. At about 8 pm on October 2, he left his house to attend the birthday party at Shasha Room in Lekki.

He was seated at another table with other friends while Tagbo and several others were behind them drinking and making noise. He only observed that Tagbo was consuming so much Tequila while the boys with him on the table were cheering him.

An hour later, he said he stood up and moved down to his car. He was heading to G12 at Oniru beach to attend another event, where Wasiu Ayinde was to perform.

He stated that almost all his boys and fans followed him to the car park including Tagbo who was drunk and unstable.

According to him, he was worried and tried to persuade him to enter his car but because he was misbehaving his security details and personal assistants advised that he should not take him in his car but rather he would enter another car in his convoy.

He left the club and attended the party at Oniru beach. An hour later, he moved to another club on the Island known as DNA for another event before retiring home for the day in the early hours of October 3.

Davido told the police, that he never heard anything from him again till he was informed by his personal assistant that Tagbo had died.

Other suspects face charges

At the time of filling this report, there were indications that the police may file charges against the other three suspects being held in custody. It was also confirmed that the police may have come to a dead end in their initial plan to draw charges against Davido as well because the music star was exonerated by the statements given by all the suspects. (TheSunNews)
‘My brother was buried on Friday and Davido was not present at the burial neither did he send a representative’ Tagbo’s brother
Granted Tagbo Umeike and pop singer, Davido, were very close friends when he (Tagbo) was alive, and even spent his last moments on earth with the singer, the pop artiste allegedly, could not attend the burial ceremony of the young man on Friday.

Tagbo, who allegedly died of alcohol, was buried in his hometown in Anambra State and Saturday Beats reliably gathered that the singer was absent.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the brother of the deceased, Chigbo said that although his brother’s life was cut short unexpectedly, his burial went according to plans.

He said,

“My brother was buried on Friday and it is so sad that we have lost someone with a big heart. However, Davido was not present at the burial neither did he send a representative but at this point, we have no comment on that.”
Chigbo seized the opportunity to clear the air on his mother’s health. Contrary to reports that his mother has a stroke, the young man said that his mother was not afflicted with the ailment while also describing his late brother as someone who turned friends to brother
“I would also like to use this medium to correct the notion that my mother has a stroke because she doesn’t. We saw the report online but it is not true.  The burial ceremony went well. I would miss my brother a lot because he had a big heart.
He was not only my brother but a lot of people’s brother as well. Through my late brother, I have made a lot of friends turned brother and despite his death, I hope to still keep these wonderful people as my brothers. My sister in the UK came down for the burial. For now, we just finished burying my brother and we would want the dust to settle,” Chigbo said.
It also looks like Davido,  the self-acclaimed Omo Baba Olowo (OBO) has moved one as based on the pop star’s Instagram post where he was seen striking a pose with the crown prince of Edo State. Saturday Beats gathered that the singer had a show in the state.
‘Stop seeking my downfall, I am ugly and from the village and sometimes it hurts me’ – ‘One Corner dance’ crooner Patapaa
Not in a long time has a musician had to face the kind of backlash that Ghanaian hiplife artiste, Patapaa is facing.

Since the Agona Swedru-based artist released his now viral song One Corner, he has faced opposition from all angles; from some members of the public, preachers and even his colleague musicians.

The problem has not been the song, which by all standards is very ordinary, but in the accompanying dance which sees people gyrating and making other sexually suggestive gestures and to many, that is just too much to see.

Patapaa, born Justice Amoah, tells Showbiz he did not expect to make enemies when he released his song and is disappointed in those he says want him to fail.

“I heard Hiplife artiste Atom Reloaded say Ghanaians will reject me soon but whether or not I will be rejected depends on how talented I am and I can say without fear that I am,” he said in an interview on Monday.
“Prophet Kumchacha, Sonnie Badu, KKD have all criticised the song and the dance that accompanies it but I will prove them wrong and soon Ghanaians will know that One Corner is one of my many hits,” he added.
Opinions are divided especially on social media about One Corner. While some believe Patapaa should be allowed to express his creativity, others believe the song and dance are demonic. Currently, there is a campaign calling for it to be banned.

Pataapa’s worry is that Ghanaians are quick to destroy but are not ready to help you build your career.
“At this point in my career, all I need is support and encouragement and not insults and criticisms. I will not be distracted by these comments because I know where I am headed,” he told Showbiz.
Patapaa is also worried about the way the opposition against him has turned personal with a negative talk focused on his looks and background.

“I’ve comments from people that I am ugly and a villager and sometimes it hurts me but I am moving on and will not allow them to affect me so much,” he said.
He also expressed anger about his recent visit to the Passport Office in Accra to apply for a passport for the first time. He alleged officials at the Passport Office circulated his pictures which found their way onto social media just so Ghanaians could ridicule him, GhanaKasa learned.

Patapaa also addressed the controversial One Corner dance saying he is worried about how Ghanaians are taking it to the extreme.

“In as much as I can’t restrict anyone from doing the One Corner dance, I have always advised Ghanaians to tone down,” he said.
About his future plans, Patapaa said he is working towards collaborations with some of the top musicians in his country.
‘My husband seeks his father’s permission before intercourse’ – Wife tells court
A 22-year-old housewife, Rashidat Adewuyi, told an Idi-Ogungun Customary Court in Ibadan on Friday that her father-in-law slept on the same bed with her and her husband whenever he visited them.

Rashidat made the statement on Friday when she testified in a divorce petition filed by her husband, Lukman Adewuyi.

She said her marriage of two years with Lukman had been characterized by agony and regrets due to interference by her father-in-law, who never allowed her to have free access to her husband.

According to Rashidat, her husband always takes permission from his father on every issue between her and her husband.

“Even he seeks his father’s permission before intercourse and my father-in-law always sleeps on the same bed with me and my husband whenever he visits.
“I used to dress or change my pants in the bathroom because my father-in-law would not leave our one-room apartment whenever I wanted to dress up,’’ she said.
Rashidat further said that her father-in-law instigated her husband to file the petition so as to have total control over him. She urged the court to grant the prayer of the petitioner but that he be given responsibility to maintain the only child of the relationship.

Earlier, Lukman had pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage on the ground that the respondent wanted to stab him to death.

He said his wife was in the habit of cursing him and threatening to kill him whenever they had a quarrel.

“There was a particular night that she brought out a knife and wanted to stab me because another woman called my cell phone number.
“It took the intervention of my landlord before she agreed not to stab me and such incident made me file a divorce suit,” Adewuyi said.
The President of the court, Chief Mukaila Balogun, and the court assessors, Aare Samotu and Ganiyu Also, made efforts to prevail on the couple to resolve the matter amicably but failed.

The court, thereafter, ordered the dissolution of the marriage as the parties wished.

Balogun also ordered the plaintiff to pay N3,500 as monthly feeding allowance for the only child of the union and warned the parties to maintain the peace and stay away from each other.


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Man arrested while fleeing with 5 abducted children in Ogun (Photos)
A resident of Isheri-Olofin, Ogun State, has been arrested by the police after he was caught with five children he allegedly abducted from the community.
Punch Metro learned that the suspect, whose name was given simply as Adebayo, had lured the children out of the neighborhood.

The victims were identified simply as Tunde, 6; Kehinde, 6; Ayo, 7; Ayomide, 8; and Basirat, 8.

It was gathered that some parents of the victims and a large number of residents had attended a church crusade on Sunday, while the children played around.

Adebayo, who had moved into the community four days earlier, reportedly lured the children under false pretenses of taking them somewhere for a treat.

He was about to board a bus at Kara bus stop when a resident, who was returning from Mowe, Ogun State, met him at the bus stop with the children.

A resident, Taiwo Adetunji, said policemen from the Ojodu Abiodun division were alerted to the incident and the suspect was arrested.

He said,

“A church crusade was held in the community on Sunday, October 8, at about 6 pm, which many people attended. The man moved into the community on October 4 and he was unknown to many people. He cashed in on the programme to abduct the kids.
“If the woman did not see him at the bus stop, he would have taken the five children away. We are still wondering how he managed to pick the children without being challenged by anybody. He probably used charms because our children don’t normally follow strangers. We have never witnessed such an incident in the community before.”
A community leader, who spoke on condition of anonymity said he collected Adebayo’s mobile phone and discovered that he had been conversing with somebody, who was expected to bring a vehicle that would take the children away.

“I collected his phone and spoke with his accomplice who was talking to him. When the caller noticed that my voice was different from Adebayo’s, he terminated the call. Since then, the person’s line has not been going through.
“A mob wanted to beat him up at the bus stop, but we cautioned them and handed him over to policemen from the Ojodu Abiodun division,” he added.
One Fatima Femi, whose son and grandson was among the victims, said she was a neighbor to the suspect. She added that she was sleeping when the news of the abduction filtered into the community.

She said,

“The suspect was living with his friend in our compound, but my children don’t relate to him. I was surprised how he was able to lure them out of the house.”
The spokesperson for Oba of Isheri-Olofin, Alhaji Saudi Adeshina, said the incident had made them beef up security in the community to prevent a recurrence.
Man drugged, raped and murdered 14-year-old daughter then buried body in back yard
A child sex monster drugged, raped and murdered his 14-year-old daughter and abused two other underage girls.

Mark Mesiti, 49, finally confessed to his sickening crimes on Wednesday after evading justice for more than 11 years.

A child sex monster drugged, raped and murdered his 14-year-old daughter and abused two other underage girls.

Mark Mesiti, 49, finally confessed to his sickening crimes on Wednesday after evading justice for more than 11 years.
A post-mortem exam found she had died as a result of “mixed drug intoxication”.

Police later discovered images of Mesiti sexually abusing Alycia while she was unconscious.

His murder trial was repeatedly delayed by a number of administrative problems.

Mesiti was already facing trial on drugs charges in Los Angeles.

Mesiti was also accused of sexually abusing an eight-year-old girl and a girl aged 16-17-years-old.

Jurors were forced to watch three days of evidence before Mesiti suddenly decided to plead guilty to all charges in exchange for the death penalty being taken off the table.

All 49 charges were put to him again and he pleaded guilty to every one in a process that took 45 minutes, according to local newspaper the Modesto Bee.
Buhari approves payment of pension to Biafra war veterans
President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the payment of pension to soldiers, policemen and paramilitary officers involved in the Biafra war.
The veterans were dismissed from service for their participation in the war which lasted between 1967 and 1970.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Pensions Transition Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) announced that payment will commence on Friday, October 20, in Enugu state.

“The general public would recall that Nigeria witnessed an ugly civil war between July 1967 and January 1970 and as a result of that unfortunate period in our history, some members of the armed forces, the Nigeria police and the paramilitary officers who took part with the secessionist were dismissed from the service,” the statement read.
“The dismissal of those officers was commuted to retirement in the year 2000 through a presidential amnesty granted on 29th May 2000 by the administration of the then President Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR.
“A verification exercise was conducted for the pardoned officers by the defunct Police Pension Office and recently PTAD on one hand and the Police Service Commission on the other.
“Despite the presidential pardon and verification of these officers many of them remained unpaid years after the pardon. However, the present administration under the able leadership of the president, C-in-C of the armed forces, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, has graciously given approval for the payment of pension entitlements to these officers and they're next of kin.
“PTAD is commencing the payment of pension benefits to the retired war affected police officers on Friday 20th October 2017 in Enugu. 162 officers will be payrolled and 57 Next of Kin who have also not been paid their death benefits will be paid in the first batch.”
The development comes at a time when critics have accused Buhari of marginalizing the south-east.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Police arrested Husband and wife  for selling stolen children in Ogun state
A husband and wife living in Ogun State, have been arrested by Police for allegedly selling stolen children from Lagos and Oyo states.

The suspects, Morenike and Shittu, were arrested at Mosafote, Unity Road in the Ibafo area of Ogun state.

Their neighbors had become suspicious a few months ago when the wife, Morenike, would allegedly bring a child home in the evening and take the child away the following day.
She was said to have done this on four different occasions before she was caught with a four-year-old girl. The girl was later found to have been abducted in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Residents identified the landlady of the couple as Habitat Oresanya, sister of Shittu.

They further claimed that Morenike, whenever she abducted children in Ogun State, takes them to Oyo State, and if it was in Lagos she stole the children, she would move to Oyo State, to sell them.

It was gathered that neighbors started to closely monitor Morenike after she brought in a four-year-old girl about 9 p.m. Sunday last week.

She had strapped the victim to her back and was leaving the neighborhood when a community leader, Chief Toyeeb Balogun, confronted her.

Balogun said he took Morenike to the palace of Baale of Mosafote for questioning.

He said:

“People have been saying that Iya Ahmed (Morenike) bring strange children into the community in the evening and take them away the following day.
“On Sunday, October 8, she came home with a girl of about five-year-old. The girl looked malnourished. The next day, she left home with her and did not return with her.
“After that incident, some neighbors reported to the baale and he told them to monitor her. Around 12 pm on Monday, some residents came to tell me that they saw her leaving the community with another girl. I rushed to meet her and asked her who the girl was. She said she was her sister’s child in Egbeda.
“We took her to the palace. When we got there, she told the baale that the girl’s mother is in Ipaja, Lagos State. We then took her to FSARS in Warewa. Her husband came to the station and told the police that she usually brought the girls from Ilorin (Kwara State).
“They asked him what the children were used for, but he said he did not know. Both of them have been detained. This is the fifth time she would be seen with an unknown child.”
The baale, Chief Sakiru Ademuyiwa, said Morenikeji was asked to call the parents of the girl on the telephone to come to the palace.

He explained that he decided to involve the police in the case when the alleged parents did not show up.

Ademuyiwa said:

“She called somebody who claimed to be the mother of the girl. The person said she lived in Ipaja. I asked her to come to my palace with the father of the girl. I waited for several hours, but the so-called parents did not show up.
“When she was interrogated by the police, she said the parents of the girl were in Ijebu. But the child told us that she lived with her parents in Agodi, Ibadan, Oyo State. She said her father’s name is TK. I have told the police to handle the matter very well.”
A resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said,

“We have been seeing her for some time now with unknown children. We wondered where she got those children from. The landlady does not live in the community,” he added.
When contacted the Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer(PPRO) ASP, Abimbola Oyeyemi promised to get back to NewTelegraphonline’s correspondent on the matter.
Nigeria Gay man proposes to his boyfriend of 6 years see (Photos/Video)
A Nigerian Harvard gay student, Jonathan L. Allen, proposed to his boyfriend of 6 years, Derrick Young Jr, at the university grounds, a proposal that has gone viral.

A video shows Jonathan get on his knee and popped the question as surprised Derrick, shouted yes, while their friends and family who attended the well-prepared proposal, cheered them on.

A post shared by Jonathan L. Allen™ (@minjallen) on